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Travel Story-Lima, Peru #6 Back to Lima

my funny nose...

Back to Lima…
It was sad because I got hurt and I had to go back my rout which usually travelers do not go back the road they once already got. I went to emergency room in Lima, hoping my nose is fine, but after taking x-ray, a doctor said that your nose was broken. What should never happen was happened unfortunately. So, it was time to make a decision how I do my travel.
My answer was “keep going my way” after taking my body rest with a cast on my nose.

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Travel Story - Ica, Peru #5- Huacachina

The Accident!!!

After tour Ballestas, I moved to Huachachina in Ica, which famous for the desert and oasis. For the backpackers, this place is where they relax and experience desert which is boogie tour that running on the rough mountain desert with a jeep and sand-boarding on sand valley. That is one of the funniest entertain activity in Peru, and even weather is great rather than Lima where I had kind of homesick because of gloomy wet weather.However, something that I never forget happened while boogie tour! The tour is after gathering eleven people per a jeep, riding rough sand dune and them dropping them off sand valley to do sand-boarding. It usually three times sand boarding on higher and higher valley. The last one, suddenly, I started to roll up on the really high valley with board. It was almost five times according to one of the group travelers who saw me. While rolling up, the board hit my nose, my face was burn with friction with sand, and had so many scratch. Of course, all my body was painful with bruises. When I was stopped, my face was covered with blood. It was really scared moment. The tour guide could not help wiping my blood on my face and driving back to hostel. Our tour had to be stopped because of my accident. At the hostel, I was a very famous girl for the accident. Everyone was trying to help me out and to take care about me. Yes, I was a star then there!Therefore, I had to go back to Lima for the hospital and to decide if I would keep going my travel.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Travel Story-Pisco, Peru #4 'Isla Ballestas'

Since leaving New York, the fifth day I leaved Lima to Pisco to see ‘Islas Ballestas’ which is Ballesta island. After bus, running early morning, dropped me ica stop, I got scared because this place was attacked by serious earthquake which killed about eight hundred people and ruined all of the place, so there was nothing but wracked house and some taxi driver who will drive tourist to the island. While I was taking taxi, I was still scared due to my terrible guess that what if he drive me some other place. But after 30mins, I got ‘Islas Bellestas’
After price negotiation of the ship-tour, I met other group which I have the tour together. So, our group for the tour was the tourist group from Belgium and me from Korea. But the problem was guide because he explained everything in Belgium language. Before the negotiation, the agent said there is English tour guide, but he is from Belgium, so since he met the group he only enjoyed what he guided in his language. Finally he explained me, saying ‘this is penguins.’ I said in my mind, ‘what? I know that!’.. Actually the place was not what I like, so I could be excused the situation. The only thing that I minded is the village not the tour place. Since the fatal earthquake, the poor village was still remaining destructed. I hoped this place get back their fame of the beautiful island.